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“Introspection is the temple of judgement - Sthapathi Creations , a make in India supporter and promoter”

 About Us

Sthapathi Creations is a renowned organization  of artisans for  20 years now . Innovative thinking, intricate carving,  artifacts, imagination beyond boundries and honest commitments are the success mantras of Sthapathi Creations. Dedication and Outstanding skills are the prime reasons for the success of our organization. Privileged to claim ,  Sthapathi Creations is today the  biggest manufacturer and supplier of custom made Special Metal Signage, Insignia, Mementos, Portrait Busts, Statues, Mannequins ,   Lawn Sculptures ,  Murals and   Wood Carvings. The manufacturing process is carried out at our spacious studio under the watchful eyes of highly experienced artisans and quality control mangers.



Potrait Bust / Statue

Bust size portraits in various mediums like metal and fibre, these life like faces are carefully crafted portraying the essence of the personality

Signage / Insignia

A new age display system juxtaposing the essence of art into the next generation lighting technology. The artist gets absolute freedom for creativity as the futuristic lighting and material flexibility lets him explore his creativity.

Sculpture Momentos

Giving multiple dimensions to an object is a skill that needs combination of art and precision which our artists inherit from the intense practice over 3 decades

 Our Team

Shivadatta N

CEOCreative Art Director, Designer and dedicated Sculptor, has built the trust of clients through client centric business  transactions. Delivery schedule is kept up. The best prices are quoted and we  have already carved the name  of Sthapathi Creations in the minds of our  many clients. To personally experience the above claims, the Sthapathi  creations would be too happy to meet the would be clients. The first  meeting will emboss the relationship between the client and the creator.

Dr. Shivasharanappa S Khandre

CEO Admin And Marketing


Bengaluru, Karnataka
080-48509777, mobile : +91 98452 86635